Our CEO, Vince Fung Recognized As One of 20 Business Leaders By Business In Calgary In The 2019 Leaders Award

Our CEO, Vince Fung was recognized as one of 20 business leaders by Business in Calgary in the 2019 Leaders Award

When Debian Information Technology Inc. faced a difficult market in 2015, founder and CEO Vince Fung had a choice to make : cut costs or double down and invest. His choice to invest has propelled the IT services and cybersecurity solutions provider into a growth phase of over 40 percent year over year, nearly tripling in size the past three years.

“Very early on, I realized that entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. I was fortunate enough to have met amazing people who helped me along the way, guided me in making good decisions, kept me pushing forward and picked me up when I fell down. Today, I am surrounded by an incredible team, family, clients, partners, mentors, and coaches who have all helped our organization grow and thrive in these challenging economic times.” ~Vince Fung.

Posted by Vincent Fung on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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