The global COVID-19 Outbreak has clearly become a crisis unlike most. This historic global and national crisis will not pass quickly or quietly.

This book does not focus on the economic disruption of this crisis. That subject is a matter for several volumes of another book.

What this book will focus on is how businesses are responding to the crisis by doing what they can to keep their knowledge workers working with the technology in the connected world we live in today.

The question is, how does this crisis affect the way we work?

This book will answer your questions on how we can prepare our companies to “Work anywhere… Securely!”

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction – Work anywhere… Securely!
  • Chapter 1 – The First 75 Days of COVID-19
  • Chapter 2 – Do I really need to work from home?
  • Chapter 3 – Setting up to work from home
  • Chapter 4 – Staying productive & engaged
  • Chapter 5 – Cyber security implications
  • Conclusion – What’s Next?

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