Back to School, Hacked and Fooled

  Alice hurried through the parking garage as she fumbled with her briefcase and keys. It had been a hectic morning, and she was running on just 3 hours of […]

It’s Time For A Refresh! – 4 Cyber Security Trainings To Do With All Employees

  Students are returning to the classroom now that back-to-school season is officially underway. During the first few weeks, teachers will be reteaching their students the topics they learned in […]

3 Questions No Leader Should Ever Ask

  Over the years, I have advised many board members and CEOs of large companies on their most important leadership issues. In life, people like to think that there aren’t […]

A SMiShing We Will Go…

Ding! The “New Text Message” notification popped up on Amber’s phone. She had just heard on the news about the government’s Electricity Rebate Program. The news anchor had said that […]

The Gift Card Scam is Back!

  “You bet! I’ll get those gift cards right away.” Nick opened his eyes with excitement. It was going to be another great day! He looked at his alarm clock. […]

3 Ways to Run Meetings Like CEO

In my opinion, most meetings are a complete waste of time. Although the relayed information might be necessary, it isn’t always delivered practically since most managers do not know how […]

Internet Safety Tips For Parents

In today’s climate, is there anything more prevalent than the Internet? We’ve grown so accustomed to using it that the Internet now seems to help us meet any need or […]

How to take the pain out of remembering passwords

Remembering dozens of complicated passwords is a GIANT pain, which is why people have bad password “habits” – reusing passwords or creating simple, easy-to-remember passwords (like “letmein123”). What we recommend […]

Erase your private data from the Internet

There are dozens of “people finder” websites that host databases full of personal information, such as your phone number, home address, age, birthdate and even relatives and court records. We […]

Was your e-mail hacked?

  Was your e-mail hacked? Do you know if someone is accessing your e-mail? E-mail account takeover represents 38% of the fraud happening online, but how do you know you […]

What is this new “zero trust” thing?

  What is this new “zero trust” thing? …and why it’s become the security model of choice Zero trust is a relatively new cyber security strategy that is rapidly becoming […]

2022 Banff Conference Highlights

  Last month, our team participated in a 2022 Finance Executive Conference held in Banff, Alberta. Over 300 senior financial executives attended. It was a fun-filled week of networking and […]