Why 60% Of Data Backups Fail Businesses When They Need Them Most

From natural disasters and cyber-attacks to accidental deletion, there are many reasons a business needs to back up its data. However, Avast’s latest findings on disaster recovery highlight an alarming […]

Vince Fung on the Back to Business Podcast

In this podcast from 2022, our CEO and Cofounder Vince Fung sat down with the hosts of the Back to Business: Calgary Podcast to discuss how cybercriminals are constantly finding […]

Big Tech Company Admits It’s Listening To You

We’ve all suspected our devices are listening to us. How else could the clothing company you just told your sister about over brunch show up as a targeted ad on […]

Trust Is The New Currency – How Wealthy Are You?

Today, most business transactions – whether buying shampoo or tonight’s dinner – are faceless. That’s why in our digital world, trust is the new currency. This shift in consumer behavior, […]

3 Cyber Security Myths That Will Hurt Your Business This Year

Working amid the ever-changing currents of technology and cyber security, businesses often find themselves entangled in a web of misinformation and outdated ideas. But failing to distinguish between myth and […]

The Benefits of Copilot and What You Need To Get Started

Earlier this month, we published a blog with info about Copilot from around the web. In this follow-up, we’ll be sharing info from our CEO and Founder Vince Fung on […]

In the News: What Businesses Need to Know About Copilot

By now, most businesses leaders have heard of the buzz surrounding Copilot, and perhaps even implemented it. However, there are some key factors involved in getting the most out of […]

Meet The Team: Lucius Besso, Junior Support Analyst

  Meet Lucius Besso from our First Contact team in Sydney, NS. He began his journey at Expera as an intern, eager to learn and contribute. His enthusiasm and work […]

Meet The Team: Minh Truong, IT Support Analyst

Minh Truong, our IT Support Analyst in Sydney, is not just your average computer whiz. He’s a basketball enthusiast, having started playing in grade 4 and still maintaining that passion, […]

Old Malware, New Tricks

We keep hearing it – cybercriminals are using the latest tech to find new ways to exploit users. This is just the latest example. An old malware scam is reemerging […]

Show Some Love To Your Business Continuity Plan

Does your organization have a business continuity plan in place? This article covers a BCP’s importance and key components. Read on to find out more! You can’t predict the future, […]

Expera Named Among Top 50 MSP Providers For 8th Consecutive Year

TechnoPlanet, an international channel marketing and communications company that specializes in the technology industry, has named us of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies for the 8th year running. […]