Topic Insights: Secure Offboarding and Insider Threats

The Importance of Effective Offboarding A recent article from Information Week reports that “75% of insider threat cases involved a disgruntled ex-employee who left with company data, destroyed company data, […]

ChannelNext Central 2023 Panel on Digital Transformation Fuelled by Artificial Intelligence

How Are Businesses Leveraging AI? In this panel discussion from summer 2023, Expera CEO and Co-Founder Vince Fung sat down with TechnoWorld and ChannelNext’s Julian Lee discuss current AI topics […]

Passkeys: The Beginning Of The End Of Passwords

In May, Google began rolling out passkeys, calling them “the beginning of the end of the password.” Passwords have been with us since the mid-1960s, decades before computers became mainstream. […]

A “Culture Of Appreciation” Improves Work And Customer Loyalty: Here’s How To Make Your Own

The desire to feel valued, recognized and appreciated is universal in Western culture, not only in our personal lives but also in the workplace. According to Great Place To Work’s […]

Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect last-minute gift without compromising on quality can be challenging. Here are some of our favorite tech-inspired gifts that are bound to leave an impression! 5 Unique Tech […]

AI Wants To Help Us Shop ….. Are We Okay With It?

You’ve probably noticed the little elf helping you around retail stores this year. No, it’s not the teenager at the mall in red-and-white stockings with a felted green hat. It’s […]

WFH Strategies That Actually Work

We all value work and family balance. But during the holidays, that seesaw tends to teeter more toward family, even when end-of-year deadlines hang over our heads. No one wants […]

Here’s What Google Maps Timeline Knows About You (And It’s More Than You Think)

It’s 10:00 p.m. – do you know where your children are? Google probably does. Thanks to Google Maps’ Timeline feature, the tech company probably knows where your whole family has […]

Create The Perfect Balance –
Incorporate AI While Maintaining Human Connection

ChatGPT has been a hot topic in our office lately. As an author, I immediately scoffed at it. Since ChatGPT lacks emotion, it’s pretty unsatisfying. Technology constantly evolves, and we […]

4 Things To Do Now To Prevent
Your Cyber Insurance Claim From Being Denied

“Thank goodness” is probably what Illinois-based manufacturing company ICS thought about having a cyber insurance policy with Travelers Insurance after a data breach in 2022.But after claims investigators pulled out […]

Remote Work Is No Joke

I recently read an article in the New York Times titled We’re Kidding Ourselves That Workers Perform Well From Home, which I felt urgently needed a counterpoint. The article discussed […]

How To Safely Share Passwords With Employees

If you ask a security professional, you get by-the book advice about sharing passwords: “Don’t share passwords.” But we know, in reality, that doesn’t work. Your office might be sharing […]