On May 27th, 2022, after 2 years since the pandemic, the Expera IT Team gathered at the Expera IT Head Office in Calgary, AB, to hold an Expera Summit 2022. It is lovely to see everyone all together in one place. Building the company culture during the pandemic has been a challenge. And having this kind of summit is essential to the organization, and it will bring the team together and be more engaged. Here are some of the Highlights of our Expera IT 2022 Summit.

Our Team from Sydney, Nova Scotia came out to Calgary to join the fun!

Our CEO Vince Fung discussed the mission and vision of each team and how it links to the values of
Expera IT.

We savoured some Chinese food for lunch!

Everyone received a Swag Bag!

Kendra Johnson from SPARK Training Academy prepared fun and engaging activities, where we learned about the importance of harmony and resonance while working as a team.

We enjoyed the rest of the night with exciting team-building activities at Escape60.